Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet the Rosendale children in Blog Day #7

I am totally nodding off as I start this post.  I feel like my eyelids have weights in them and someone keeps shutting them like Roman shades. But blog I must, since I'm on this journey to blog 40 days in a row.  . .So. . .I'm going to write about something near and dear and hope I don't have hundreds of g's typed in from falling asleep on my keyboard. . .

 During Lent, we became a crib-free zone. We moved our last baby to a big boy bed. It was a big deal, and when that crib left my home to be used in another, I felt a little twinge in my heart.  I'm in new territory, with soon-to-be four elementary school children.  How strange. . .

So before they get too big, and since I talk about them most often, let me introduce my children. . .Some of you have only seen the older children when they were babies. Or you haven't met the children and you've never been in our home.  Our house is crazy. I like to say that everyday in the Rosendale's house is a party. And I always end up cleaning the party.

My first born is Lela. I got her name during my 5 week mission trip to the Ivory Coast.  In a local Liberian tribe dialect, it means "my heart is satisfied."  The name suits her, as she has a personality that can adapt and be content in any situation. She is now 9 1/2 years old and a huge help around here. While I do my best to not let her be a second mom to everyone, she does have the most responsibilities. But the cool thing about her is that she is always willing and able to take on new jobs. She has started her babysitting training and has been practicing, with an adult in the house, on Henry. . .So watch out. . .in 2 years she is going to make a fabulous babysitter who can put kids to bed and change diapers. . .She is turning into a fine young lady with a deep understanding of things she learns in the Bible.

My blondie (right) w/best friend Hayden.
Ethan is the next. His name means "strong" and that is just what he is. He has a strong personality that rarely has a middle ground. At 7, almost 8, he has a heart of gold that cares deeply for the welfare of those around him. He sticks up for the underdog and takes the protection of his sisters seriously. He is a boy who is deceptively an introvert, mostly because of his heightened sensitivity to the activity around him. And his mind is just as active. He is able to see how things fit together and has his father's ability to retain information in relevant ways. He works hard, and always appreciates guidance especially in social situations. As he gets older, I can tell from looking at him that he will physically be a big guy. . .And he will be equally big in passion, compassion, strength, and leadership.

Charlotte, whose name means "womanly", is being raised with this theme: "For a woman who fears the Lord, she is worthy to be praised." Being only 6 1/2, she has a maturity and way about her that shows she's well on her way to becoming such a woman.  Being only 15 months younger than Ethan, the two are like fraternal twins and do much of their activities together. But while Ethan is boisterous and bold, Charlotte is quiet and intelligent. She is quiet about everything: her little jokes, her little giggles, her mischief, her stubborness. I find that raising a quiet and sneaky little girl is tricky, but her sweetness and quirky sense of humor combined with her mature ability to process information make her graceful and pleasant all around. Our monkey-in-the-middle stands on her own two feet, and has the potential of growing into a passionate woman of God.

Yes, that's a cockroach.

The fourth child is Zoe. Her name means, "life". And that is what she exudes. The most extroverted of all the children, she is full of pep and zeal. She enjoys being the life of the party, and is so without even trying. She is a petite little thing, but has the name "Mighty Zoe" because what she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality. She holds her own and sticks up for what she believes to be true. At 4, almost 5, she'll do a song and a dance for you and play princess all day. She's all ready for kindergarten and can't wait to be included in all the big kids' activities. She will always be my baby girl, but I know God has big plans for her big love of people and I'm excited to see how He uses her energy and pizazz for His kingdom.

Taken by Melissa Draper.
My fifth child, and still my baby boy, is Henry.  I sometimes refer to him as the Tank, because he was born at 9 lbs. 14oz. and was always a big guy. Now he is a toddler, 21 months, and running around like a champ. He has been my easiest baby so far in every way.  He would stop nursing when he was full, slept soundly for all his naps, sat in my lap during football games and swim meets, and was always ready for snuggles. Now he is a vibrant and sweet little boy who is very expressive and easy going. He really loves his mama (I love this, btw) and loves trains and anything with wheels.  He has plenty of squeezes and kisses to go around. When he grows up, I have a feeling he'll be a gentle giant with a strength people will be drawn to. His name means "Ruler of the Home." Even at such a young age, I know he'll be home to all who love him. I can't wait to see how God will work through this one.

My kids are true blessings. I don't think I will ever understand why God would pick me to raise them, but I will always strive to be worthy of such a calling.


Aimee said...

Jia-Min! I LOVED reading about your kiddos! It has been FAR too long since we've seen you guys! I think Zoe was only 15 months when we saw you last? Can that be? Anyway, wonderful descriptions...I feel like I know them better already! =)

J said...

I liked your blog too.