Thursday, July 14, 2011

It pays to Be a Mom...

Ok, so it doesn't really pay. Not in the monetary way, anyway.

But I'm writing this impromptu blog post after a slight involuntary hiatus because I just want a moment to connect in a real cyber way with other frustrated, tired, over-worked and under-appreciated co-workers.

Because ours is a tough profession.

Last Wednesday, I woke up with three children in my bed.  I must tell you, I think the bed is crowded already with just my husband.  And the night consisted of taking Zoe back to bed twice and passing out on the floor next to Henry when he was screaming.  When I felt the chill from the open window of the boys' room, I got up and went back to bed.  Henry was screaming again around 6:30, this time next to my pillow. So I pulled him in bed with me, only to realize that I could only scoot over so far because there were not one, but two little girls there.  Three hours of sleep. Lovely.

I fell asleep during my Beth Moore bible study.  That's a pretty big feat, if you know Beth Moore.  It was all I could do not to lean over onto my friend's shoulder.

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