Friday, January 1, 2010

on Good Parenting

Considering myself a good parent is a struggle. I feel like I have all kinds of opinions, books, advice, etc thrown at me. I am constantly being pulled in all directions with the expectation that I can take care of it all. And when I do lose it and show my human side I get funny looks in the grocery store, family members with hurt feelings, and a guilty conscience. Well, this being the start of a new year let's start off right by wiping our slate clean of all guilty feelings. So repeat after me:

--I will not feel guilty if the baby spits up on my shirt and I don't change.

--I will not feel guilty if I only take showers two to three times a week.

--I will not feel guilty if I never take my children to the grocery store. And when the marshmallows run out and hubby is working crazy overtime, I will not feel guilty about yelling at them while I am shopping and they are squishing the bags of bread.

--I will not feel guilty for having children. They are blessings, not diseases.

--I will not feel guilty for putting my marriage first, for that is the essential tool to good parenting.

--I will not feel guilty for the noise level, the toy clutter, the handprints on the tv, the little pieces of paper on the carpet, and the use of the dryer as a dresser.

--I will not feel guilty at not being able to do everything that everyone demands of me. Which means I will not feel guilty if I lock the door when I take a shower and I will not feel guilty if I don't share my In'N'Out with the family.

--I will not feel guilty at being slightly overweight while my children are very small. I have the rest of my life to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.

--I will not feel guilty at teaching my older children to help out. "Family first" is an important attitude to have that needs to be made a priority.

--I will not feel guilty for making my children a priority. They might always remember that we had to eat small, boring meals at home. But they will also remember that I was the one who made it for them with love.

Happy parenting, and remember that you have the hardest but most important job in the whole world!

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